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The GBSE Entrepreneurship Training Programme is practical in its emphasis. This course was specially designed to challenge students to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to real situations in businesses. This means that every element of the course has to be implemented in your business. The course is like receiving consultancy services to improve your business.  The course offers an intensive mix of lectures, group work and individual time to integrate learning, and students will need to give 100% of their time and attention to the work at hand during training. Trainees will need to allow sufficient time in their schedule to work on assignments and prepare their business proposal.
The attention paid to each trainee is one of the key factors that differentiates the Entrepreneurship Training Program from similar qualifications. In addition to the support from programme facilitators, there is an active coaching and mentorship programme to provide after training support. The programme does this by identifying and inviting top performing industry experts and alumni to volunteer their time towards the learning journey of current trainees.
Once you graduate from the GBSE you will join our alumni network which is a dynamic forum that comprises past GBSE trainees in over 100 countries worldwide. You will also form part of our business network.
Our business incubation services can be offered from wherever your business may be located.
There are chances to get funding only for SMEs with a high potential for growth and profitability. To secure our finances, we prefer to partner with your business through a hybrid mix of equity and / or debt. There will be an option for your company to buy back shares once your business is now self-sustainable.
There are lots of variables that lead to a business becoming successful, such as the attributes of an entrepreneur, the operating environment, etc. However, we can guarantee that your business will not be the same after attending our ETP.