About GBSE

The Story 01

The Story

GBSE has been in existence since 2008 and was birthed from a passion to contribute towards the growth of entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial education and training. We provide a solution to the triple threat of unemployment, poverty and inequality through our entrepreneurial training value offerings.
Furthermore, GBSE recognizes that small businesses operate within an ecosystem that includes corporates, government and nonprofit making entities. SMMEs therefore depend on these entities for their survival and growth. We therefore also offer business and employee training to these entities to contribute towards their growth.

Vision 02


Our vision is to be global leader in entrepreneurial and business training. We aim to be a global forerunner in providing real solutions for entrepreneurs that will have real and long lasting impact not only to entrepreneurs but to families, communities, countries and ultimately, the world.

Mission 03


• We exist to offer high quality, results-focused training for SMMEs.
• To grow, nurture and develop a pipeline of self-sustaining entrepreneurs
• To develop entrepreneurs through a blend of multiple modalities to enable them to learn in ways that best fit their learning styles.
• To create a platform of creative solutions to challenges through stimulating collaboration between entrepreneurs and corporate organisations.

Values 04


Strong Work-Ethic
Continuous Learning and Development
Corporate Social Investment