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Planning and General Management

Planning and General Management

Planning is like drawing a map of where you want your business to go. You can plan for tomorrow or for some far-off time in the future. Planning for tomorrow is called short-term planning. The plans you make for the more-distant future are long- or medium-term plans. Management is putting your plans into action and monitoring your progress as you go along. Routine management is monitoring how well you are implementing your plans.

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship offers these training programmes which cover but not limited to the following:

1 Implementing a mission statement 16 Coping with crime and fraud
2 Doing a SWOT analysis 17 Managing an emergency
3 Doing long-term forecasts 18 Reduce stress among your staff
4 Developing a strategic plan 19 Brainstorming and developing new ideas
5 Developing a plan of action 20 Making major changes in your business
6 Setting achievable goals 21 Preparing for expansion
7 Planning and managing a project 22 Introducing quality management
8 Creating a teamwork culture 23 Preserving your business’s reputation
9 The right team for the right task 24 Managing risk in your business
10 Setting goals for teams 25 Effecting transformation in your business
11 Identifying the roles of people 26 Understanding the BBBEE scorecard
12 Leading a team 27 Picking the right BEE partner
13 Dealing with complaints 28 Succession planning
14 Mediating disputes 29 Selling your business
15 Conducting an exit interview 30 Preparing to exit from your business

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship has trained proffessionals that help you and your business identify and navigate the common issues affecting the management of a business.
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