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People & Stakeholder Management

People & Stakeholder Management

No business can function well without good staff. You need good workers if they are to help you to create and maintain your business’s image, its work ethic, its service reputation and to generate good and sustainable profits! A key problem facing you, as a business owner, is how to employ the staff that you need and, once you’ve got them, how to keep them. You also need to understand that your employees don’t just work for you – you also have to work for them! 

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship offers these training programmes which cover but not limited to the following:

1 Deciding how many staff members you need 16 Delegating responsibility
2 Writing a job description 17 Directing and controlling staff effectively
3 Picking the right staff 18 Organising staff training
4 Making a job interview work for you 19 Creating a skills development plan
5 Good employment contracts in place 20 Understanding basic labour legislation
6 Retaining staff 21 Drawing up a disciplinary code
7 Implementing a staff policy 22 Dealing with sexual harassment 
8 Developing good remuneration structures 23 Dealing with absenteeism
9 Calculating annual salary increases 24 Misconduct and Poor performance
10 Dealing with  overtime and leave 25 Getting rid of people who do not perform
11 Dealing with confidentiality issues 26 Avoiding discrimination in the workplace
12 Understanding restraints of trade 27 Understanding the role of the CCMA
13 Motivating your staff 28 Understanding unfair labour practic
14 Doing a performance review 29 Understanding employment equity
15 Giving regular feedback to your staff 30 BEE and your business

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship has trained proffessionals that help you and your business identify your stakeholders and how to build lasting relationships.
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