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Finance and Financial Management

Finance and Financial Management

If you don’t understand the basics of finance and know how to manage the money in your business, there is very little chance that your business will succeed. Finances will be an issue in almost every business decision you make, so you need to make sure that you know what it’s all about.

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship offers this training programme which covers but not limited to the following:

1 Drawing up a business plan 17 Compiling a sales budget
2 Calculating working capital requirements 18 Compiling an overhead budget
3 Knowing what bank accounts you need 19 Paying cash or on credit
4 Working out how much to pay yourself 20 Getting good terms from creditors
5 Keeping employee salaries under control 21 Collecting debts and avoiding bad debts
6 Keeping expenses low 22 Using financial ratios
7 Getting finance for your business 23 Working out breaking even and profits
8 Various types of financing 24 Working out the cost of your products
9 Getting a loan from the bank 25 Marking up your products
10 Sourcing money besides the banks  26 Knowing whether you can afford discounts
11 The importance of bookkeeping 27 Calculating a gross margin
12 Doing a simple cash flow projection 28 Avoiding going bust 
13 Dealing with SARS 29 The importance of audited financial statements
14 Controlling stock
15 Dealing with overdrafts 30 Protecting your business after death
16 Drawing up a budget

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship has trained proffessionals that help you and your business build business plans thatc help shape the direction your business journey.
Gain more knowledge on the above topics.



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