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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

No business can succeed unless it can sell its products or services. This means that you need to know who your potential clients are and how you can market your product or service to them. You will also need to generate new clients and keep existing ones.

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship offers this training programme which covers but not limited to the following:
1 Picking a catchy name for your business 16 Targeting sales to various income groups
2 Creating a logo that people will remember 17 Targeting sales to men and women
3 Briefing a designer 18 Targeting sales to various race groups
4 Understanding the Product Life Cycle 19 Making cold calls
5 Doing market research 20 Doing direct mail campaigns
6 Conducting market segmentation 21 Closing a deal
7 Compiling a questionnaire 22 Keeping in touch with existing customers
8 What are your competitors are doing? 23 Making sure your people look professional
9 Drawing up a marketing plan 24 Providing good customer service
10 how much to spend on marketing? 25 Using public relations in your business
11 Using discounting effectively 26 Drawing up a press release
12 Being a good networker in business 27 Getting the most out of your advertising
13 Pitching  to new customers 28 Using a website to promote your business
14 Getting referrals to new customers 29 Organising a special promotion
15 Targeting sales to various age groups 30 Considering import/export as a market

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship has trained proffessionals have vast experience in the sales and marketing sphere, dealing with the financial services industry, goods manufacturing, digital marketing industry and tele- sales industries, they will ensure you and your business understand these concepts.
Gain more knowledge on the above topics.



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