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Getting Ready to Start your Business

Getting Ready to Start your Business

Many people believe that, if they have a good idea for a product or service, they will be able to start and run a successful business. The truth is that there’s much more to it. You really must do a lot of groundwork if you want your business to succeed.

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship offers these training programme which cover but not limited to the following: 
1 Knowing if you are ready to start your own business 2 Knowing whether your business idea will work
3 Choosing a business type 4 Choosing the right business name
5 Deciding whether to register your business 6 Choosing a business format
7 Registering for income tax 8 Registering for other things
9 Buying a business or starting one from scratch 10 Getting your family to work in your business
11 Deciding whether to have partners  12 Knowing when you need an owners’ agreement
13 Buying a franchise 14 Deciding when to use a lawyer and where to find one
15 Getting started with very limited capital 16 Calculating potential profits in your business
17 Dealing with VAT 18 Knowing when to consider business insurance
19 Knowing what accountants do  20 Getting help with personal financial planning
21 Selecting a site to work from 22 Know what furniture, machinery and equipment to buy
23 Knowing what computer  you need 24 Planning the layout of your store
25 Finding customers 26 Knowing when to start employing people
27 Managing your personal life while starting a business 28 Setting personal targets
29 Knowing why it pays to be honest 30 Keeping others from stealing your business ideas

The Global Business School of Entrepreneurship has trained proffessionals that help you and your business navigate the environment of Starting your Business.
Gain more knowledge on the above topics.



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