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Soft Skills Development Programme

Soft Skills Development Programme

Why should you improve your B-BBEE score? 

Gone are the days that we can ignore B-BBEE, as B-BBEE is fast becoming something that everyone will have to incorporate into their businesses, sooner rather than later. 
It is fast becoming very difficult for non-compliant companies to be able to tender, or even serve as a vendor on larger companies' procurement list. 
The higher your B-BBEE score, the bigger your likelihood to be awarded a tender, or alternatively the client will source another supplier that is compliant. 

Why is the emphasis on Soft Skills? 

Soft Skills are the skills we use to develop, change, re-shape or enhance our personality, behaviour, attitudes and mind set in order to achieve the results we want in our professional, as well as personal lives. 
They enable us to discern and act on the blind spots and personal blocks that create barriers to our success and it is therefore not surprising that specific points are been allocated on the B-BEE score card for Soft Skills Development. 
It is time to take Soft Skills seriously because their time has well and truly come. Many people, however, are still unclear what they are and are yet to be convinced as to their importance. 
To see the importance of and how Soft Skills Development can impact your business, read more on the back page of this brochure.

The scheduled Soft Skills Development Courses that GBSE offers in partnership with PROBETA Training:



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